Play Ice Hockey Slot Games

With the game of ice hockey being so thrilling and intense, it seemed only a logical step to condense this game into a slot. Slots are designed to be exciting to the player so why not combine the two into one epic battle.

Ice Hockey Slot Game

Designed by Playtech, this game is designed exactly like an international ice hockey tournament. The first step is to pick your team, which includes the standard ‘big eight,’ in the hockey world. Bear in mind that this choice will change the way the game is played as icons from one team will only pay a win left to right, the other right to left. Three players from each team will be put on the reels and team up to give out different wins.

With five reels and 15 paylines, like most slots this gives you the option on how many lines you would like to play. The logo for ice hockey is the scatter and can offer extra cash bonuses if two or more hit the reels at the same time. The hockey net is the wild and replaces any symbols on the reels except for the free games, scatter, and bonus icons.

A bonus occurs when all players from either team all converge on the reels simultaneously and this is called the ‘pass the puck’ bonus, tripling the winnings. A 10,000 cash jackpot is well worth aiming for and the wilds all offer exceptional payouts depending on the number that have appeared. At you’ll be able to read more about various slots with in-depth slots reviews. 

Hockey League Slot

This slot features the obvious, ice hockey leagues. This Top Game slot sets up the game straight away in an ice rink and has done an impressive job of making it as realistic as possible. For starters, the reels you play on are within a monitor screen similar to the ones scores are displayed on during a hockey game. Commands placed just below makes for an easy and well-designed game. Added to this, are the excellent sound effects, shouts from the crowd, noise emanating from the game, and more. All of this helps to immerse the player into the atmosphere of ice hockey.

Like most slots, it follows the regular rules. There are five reels to choose from, and each shows three symbols at the end of each turn. There are no paylines, simply combinations that help you to win and the games pays from both directions. As with other games, it is simple to change the coin and bet size with just a click on the well-placed buttons. The higher you bet, the larger the potential payout. 

Some little tips to get that big score, though, keep an eye for the three hockey player symbols and the referee. Match up some of these guys, and your winnings will see themselves hugely increased.


Both these games really evoke the thrill of the ice hockey atmosphere. And what better way to do this than sitting at home and making a little extra cash!