The Best Ice Hockey Video Games

There are numerous video games incorporating ice hockey. These games have increased in their popularity over the time. Some of the renowned games having ice hockey as a subject include the following ones:

NHL Stanley Cup

In Europe, “Super Hockey” is another name of NHL Stanley Cup. Sculptured Software produced this video game which is a sort of ice hockey video game for the Super NES. This game uses the SNES’s Mode 7 hardware to allow portability in a pseudo 3D world, akin to Sculptured’s prior NCAA basketball game. The player can shoot, dump, pass as well as make hip, shoulder, poke cheeks much like in actual ice hockey.

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Hit the Ice

It is an ice hockey sports video game that was first released in arcades in 1990 by Taito, Williams and Midway. Each team has three players including forward, defense and goaltender. The display of this game is in a cartoonish portrayal of the sport. To trip, kick and elbow the rival members is the major motivation for the players in the game. This game is different and unique than the other ones as it has only three players in each team, rather than the usual six.

2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge

Midway Games launched 2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge in 1995 as an ice hockey arcade game. Midway’s NBA Jam is compared to the game as it is outrageously exaggerated hockey play. NHL Open Ice is not a normal game that a person will play for hours, but it can be started at any moment for 20 to 30 minutes just for the purpose of entertainment and leave it on running for the other person to play.

Slap Shot

Released in 1990, it is an ice hockey game for the Sega Master System. It reminds us a lot of the hockey games from the 1980s. The player is provided with an option of participating in an exhibition match or a competition. Slap Shot features 24 teams divided into three different pools. These three groups are loosely based on IIHF World Championship pools at the time of the launch of game. Categorization of pools is on the level of difficulty such as Pool A is the most challenging one; Pool B is an average one, and Pool C is a simple category. Playing in teams from separate pools is not possible.

In a nutshell, every video game having the subject of ice hockey has different aspects and qualities. Every game is different from the other one due to which each of them has its own reason of popularity.